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04 Mar, 2019

Lebanon is located in the heart of the oil production region, and it is certainly bound to become a petroleum producing country.  A Petroleum engineer is surely expected to oversee the entire process of fuel extraction from the exploration phase until the drill rig is removed.

The PTE Program at Lebanese American University has been designed to equip the students with the fundamental skills required to achieve lifelong professional growth. The B.E. program covers the areas of well exploration and evaluation, well drilling and production phase, process engineering and life cycle management of wells, as well as the economics of petroleum and its regulations. The program provides a special emphasis on Natural Gas which is the most dominant type of hydrocarbon fuel in Lebanon.

The courses are structured to combine a sound theoretical foundation, experimentation, engineering judgment, application to case studies, and engineering design. Computer simulation and computer controls are highly emphasized through the curriculum.  Petroleum engineers increasingly use advanced computers, not only in the analysis of exploration data and simulation of reservoir behavior, but also in automation of oilfield production and drilling operations. Students will be able to integrate professional, ethical, and environmental considerations into Petroleum Engineering design and problem solving and develop the ability to communicate engineering results effectively. 
The students will learn through active and experiential learning as they will be exposed to rich hands-on experience through several laboratory sessions and field experiences.

The mission of the PTE Program is to provide a quality education in Petroleum Engineering that combines theory and practice for undergraduate students and to satisfy industry demand for graduates with special education in the oil and gas industries and help graduates enter the market force or pursue further education at the graduate level.

Within a few years of graduation, the graduates of the PTE Program will:

  1. Achieve success in their chosen career path be it professional practice or graduate studies.
  2. Be responsible citizen engineers.
  3. Practice the profession as demonstrated by continued professional employment, job promotion, and expanding career responsibility.

The objective
of the course is to provide participants with the basic knowledge about the governance of the oil and gas sector, the challenges faced, and the opportunities that exist for Lebanon as a potentially new oil producing country.
Emphasis is placed on ensuring that participants understand the needs of the sector and identify the areas that need immediate intervention.

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