It's Time To Start Coalition To Protect Oil & Gas Sector in Lebanon
19 Aug, 2014

Until when will our recent discovered reality remain a dream?

Until when will our political instability leave us desperate and thirsty when trying to achieve our dreams?


As previously mentioned, according to many surveys it has been found that Lebanon has significant amount of oil and gas offshore that obviously interested a massive number of international qualified oil and gas companies that sought to potentially operate and develop that recent project, or so called dream. However and unfortunately, as the Lebanese government is not dealing with the issue as required, experts from companies all around the world are gradually losing their excitement in investing in the country.

Lebanon’s dysfunctional political system, sharply divided along sectarian lines; an increasing absence of state authority; and poor coordination among government ministries could make it difficult to carry out such an ambitious plan.


Reconsidering the fact that such a project is definitely going to enhance the Lebanese situation through factors of debts coverage, economic growth and development, as well as the great number of job opportunities offered by this sector that will surely give hope to all the Lebanese youth. Therefore, NGOs, in addition to the civil society are required to play part in pressuring the government as a whole to start taking action and focusing on such important operation rather than other minor irrelevant issues.


You may not have read anything new, but sadly until this moment, this is almost everything worth writing about, hoping that soon, very soon something more tangible will be reached.


Ghewa Atallah



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