Let the “OIL” Hunger Games BEGIN!
15 Apr, 2015

MedGO is tomorrow. A quick search online would let you see that we have another conference on our nose, a platform for all the stakeholders to gather for a cup of coffee, a croissant-au-chocolat and a single topic uniting us all. Nope, not “Lebanese” as you were thinking. OIL OIL and OIL, again.


The Raffic Hariri University in collaboration with Pennsylvania State University, Texas A&M University and American University of Beirut will gather us - oil enthusiasts - in Beirut’s Crowne Plaza Hotel for three days to attend discussions that reflect on Levantine potential wealth affecting the different aspects of a region in terms of education, commerce, economy, environment, etc.


The guest speakers, ornate in their hopeful smile and backed with the years of experience will, hopefully, reflect what previous geologists had concluded about Lebanon’s offshore and onshore being of a welcoming quality for having possible Oil and Gas reserves.


The shiny banners and stickers of our sponsors will be proof that the Oil and Gas topics are not something to mess with. Everyone would want a piece of the cheese.


While the Lebanese government is still “carefully studying” the draft signatures that will then launch the licensing, the society is buzzing with fresh NGOs and formed organizations that will partake in organizing and scrutinizing upcoming conferences to be held during the year; and with each attendance, would guarantee to give you something innovative to think about.

Annie M. Seferian

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