26 Feb, 2015
Believe it or not, the window of opportunity to engage Lebanon in the new and vast oil and gas exploration frontier is narrowing and the ship of the International Oil Companies (IOC) is sailing away. As a geologist, I have studied (in depth) the GeoScience Offshore EMED. I have discussed the subject matter with Lebanon’s government officials and high ranking officers at the Ministry of defense. I have attended many meetings and been interviewed by two major networks on the [...]
25 Feb, 2015
BBC – Beirut: Two years ago, billboards across Lebanon declared: “Our country has oil.”   The announcement was supposed to bring with it the magical solution for many of Lebanon’s ills, among them chronic public debt, power shortages and poor public services.   Back then, the prospect of major oil discoveries off the Mediterranean coast triggered dreams of a prosperous future, but today it seems like the Lebanese were the victims of false advertising.   Governments in Lebanon have a long history of mismanagement that seems [...]
25 Feb, 2015
The Daily Star - BEIRUT: Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri urged the Cabinet Wednesday to resume its meetings in order to issue two decrees necessary to launch exploration in Lebanon’s offshore oil fields.   In the weekly meeting with lawmakers, Berri was quoted as saying that the Cabinet must “issue the two decrees related to oil.”   The two decrees would define the number of blocks in Lebanon’s exclusive economic zone and establish a revenue mechanism, as well as a tax policy for the country's [...]
23 Feb, 2015
Estimates show that Lebanon has significant offshore energy reserves, including more than 120 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. International firms have lined up to begin exploration into these energy fields, but political deadlock continues to stymie progress.   Initial 3-D seismic surveys off the coast of Lebanon suggest a high probability that there are vast natural fields of oil and gas supplies. These resources could gross over $100 billion in revenues over the next 20 years for the country.   International companies have [...]
23 Feb, 2015
Despite all the delays and the continuous political deadlock in the Lebanese Oil & Gas industry, the international community, including the world’s most known IOCs, are still interested in the local sector, and are continuously following-up all the updates happening in our country.  Exclusive sources told our website that, and in contradiction with all the rumors spread recently about the withdrawal of many well-known companies from Lebanon, the international community has a strong interest in ensuring that Lebanon’s [...]
19 Feb, 2015
German Marshall Fund of the United States Foreign & Security Policy Paper Series 2015 “Lebanon: The Next Eastern Mediterranean Gas Producer?” Mediterranean Paper Series February 2015 - Bassam Fattouh and Laura El-Katiri Click to Download Related Publication Introduction: Lebanon’s exclusive economic zone forms part of the Levant Basin, which has been estimated to hold up to 122 trillion cubic feet of recoverable natural gas, in addition to some 1.7 billion barrels of recoverable oil.   The development of its hydrocarbon reserves would enable [...]
16 Feb, 2015
Leading Lebanese law firm Kouatly & Associates with leading international oil & gas law firm Arntzen de Besche based in Norway delivered part one of a three part module on "Petroleum law and Petroleum Contracts" at ESA business school. The objectives of the modules is to give the attendees an understanding of the framework of oil and gas law, examine the Lebanese legal regime for oil and gas and gain a comprehensive overview of the main international contracts in the [...]
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