31 Jan, 2015
It is true that the launching whistle of the Lebanese Oil & Gas industry has not been released yet. It is also true that the month of January of the New Year 2015 will soon end without any major update other than the continuous discussions concerning the adoption of the decrees in the last two Governmental meetings.   Samer Abbas Khalaf wrote last week in Daily Star about some external reasons that keep Oil and Gas exploration in the funnel: “Over [...]
24 Jan, 2015
Wow!!! 3.5k readers in 24 hours for my first article. Feeling like a Pulitzer Prize winner already.   Let’s get serious now. 3.5 k readers for an article on a local site about an industry that don t even exist yet, show the awareness of Lebanese people toward this field. Hopefully the politicians might feel the same. The weird thing is that out of those 3.5k readers none asked the following: How does this work?   Well I am going to play the Good Samaritan [...]
23 Jan, 2015
Lebanon is a small country in the Middle East. However, it is famous, Better “Notorious”. In movies, when bullets fly, “Beirut” comes as a key word. Only recently, did Lebanon hit the headlines as a country with possible Oil and Gas (O&G) wealth. The oily news made many people think of jackpots. The headlines and critics were many: “The country would finally solve its energy crisis”, “the deficit will be cleared off”, “we’ll have [...]
23 Jan, 2015
The Lebanese Petroleum Administration (LPA) will sign on January 27th, 2015 a partnership with the Norwegian Government through its embassy in Beirut to help the Lebanese authorities in the launching process of the country’s Oil & Gas industr   Sources told our website that the partnership will cover all aspects of the Oil and Gas sector and will allow the Norwegians to share their knowledge and expertise after their long experience since the 1960s. This step comes after the huge support [...]
19 Jan, 2015
It is Finally Real! Lebanon will be Entering the oil and gas club. Well at least let us hope. If things continue as they are and the Government issues all the related regulations by summer 2015, Lebanon will start producing Oil and Gas in three years. But what until then?! Wait a minute! That does not mean in any way that we should, as a country and as a working force to wait three years to feel the wind of oil.   Currently [...]
18 Jan, 2015
Exclusive News: Rumors said that FINALLY Lebanese Cabinet will Discuss Oil Exploration Decrees on Monday... Lebanese authorities spearheading a campaign to revive the oil exploration when Lebanon is seeking to renew the interest of international companies in offshore Oil exploration before any withdrawal decision and all depend about the approval of the famous decrees when Lebanon will benefit from its oil and gas wealth in the near future giving an exceptional hope for a Lebanese economic revolution. Decrees approval will be [...]
10 Jan, 2015
After British-based Spectrum conducting a 2-D & 3-D surveys and U.S.-based NEOS GeoSolutions accompanied by his Lebanese partner Petroserv SAL have completed their airborne surveys for offshore and onshore water and territories, experts assume that the natural gas and oil reserves in offshore Lebanon could be significantly larger than previously estimated; Lebanon has the potential to become like the Gulf countries but a huge work is recommended from the cabinet, Lebanese Petroleum Administration, Social communities and entrepreneurs to get its infrastructure [...]
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