04 Mar, 2015
First, and before getting into details, how beautiful is it to know that some media have nowadays “European Diplomatic sources” that can help to share news on some first pages with the public opinion. Despite that, we, as citizens, would have preferred to know the exact names of these sources, in order to check whether they are truly European, or Lebanese turning into European. Add to that, we would have loved to kindly ask them to share accurate information, and [...]
03 Mar, 2015
Exclusive Pictures from the Ground MT Acquisition that has started last week, and which is the last operational milestone of the CedarsOil Lebanon neoBASIN Project executed by NEOS GeoSolutions, Inc. and Petroserv SAL over the Lebanese Onshore and along the transition Zone. The Ground acquisition, handled by Lampion Oil and Gas Services (LOGS), will be complementary to the airborne operations completed back in December, and consists of acquiring Electric and Magnetic data in 36 different locations onshore Lebanon and will help [...]
02 Mar, 2015
The discovery of Lebanon's oil and gas resources happened over a century ago. However it is only recently that people (including myself) have become more involved and interested in the matter. A few years ago, I began researching and covering oil and gas in Lebanon. However I still want to know more. I am interested, and very curious.   To feed my curiosity I joined the IGTC 2015 (International Gas Technology Conference) held in Dubai on 19 and 20 February 2015, [...]
02 Mar, 2015
Russia will likely play a significant role in Mideast politics through its energy deals for at least the next quarter-century -- or at least as long as Europe & USA will be far from Gas exploitation in the East Mediterranean region.     MoU with Cyprus   Moscow will be present in the eastern Mediterranean in various scenarios, which are manifestly linked with geo-strategic plans in the region present.  Cypriots President Anastasiades & Russian President Vladimir Putin signed last week 8 agreements [...]
28 Feb, 2015
The largest and highest-level Corporate Social Responsibility Summit in Lebanon is right around the corner: CSR Levant annual summit will be held in ESA Business School from 15th to 17th of April 2015 CSR Levant: FOLLOWING 11 YEARS OF SUCCESS, WE BRING YOU THE CSR LEVANT SUMMIT The CSR Levant Summit is part of our 12 year CSR legacy in the Middle East. Award winning entrepreneurial initiatives, forging successful partnerships, developing impactful CSR strategies, empowering the next generation – all [...]
27 Feb, 2015
Government delays, ongoing maritime border disputes and geopolitical instability have marred Lebanon’s bid to exploit its share of the gas-rich Levant Basin. But with the government keen to create supply security for its energy-poor nation, can Lebanon put aside age-old feuds for the sake of its gas riches?   Lebanon's Minister of Energy and Water, Arthur Nazarian, has been eager to start development of the country's share of the Levant Basin in the East Mediterranean Sea, which is believed to [...]
26 Feb, 2015
Believe it or not, the window of opportunity to engage Lebanon in the new and vast oil and gas exploration frontier is narrowing and the ship of the International Oil Companies (IOC) is sailing away. As a geologist, I have studied (in depth) the GeoScience Offshore EMED. I have discussed the subject matter with Lebanon’s government officials and high ranking officers at the Ministry of defense. I have attended many meetings and been interviewed by two major networks on the [...]
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