28 Oct, 2014
NEOS Geosolutions LLC and Petroserv SAL announced that the second operating plane for airborne surveys, known as MERG, arrived in Beirut few days ago and will soon begin daily acquisition flights, after receiving all the required permits from the Lebanese authorities.   The Second White Cessna plane will continue the survey with the first Yellow plane already in action; This aircraft will be holding four different sensors: Magnetic, Electromagnetic, Radiometric and Gravity and will map the Transition Zone along the coastline in [...]
23 Oct, 2014
BEIRUT: The Lebanese Petroleum Administration will be reviewing a draft bill on onshore petroleum resources before returning it to the government for further assessment, a source told The Daily Star Wednesday on the sidelines of a conference on Lebanon’s oil and gas industry. The source said concerned ministries have reviewed the first version of a draft bill that the LPA earlier presented to the government. Each of the concerned ministries has filed its [...]
11 Oct, 2014
Due to current status of the licensing round, and the prevailing political standing LIPEC 2014 will be postponed to 2015. The new dates will be announced as soon as the 2 decrees are voted in the council of ministers and will be communicated to you immediately. Alternatively, the Lebanese  Petroleum Administration (LPA) will be organizing Lebanon Petroleum Day (LPD) on October 22nd 2014 that will highlight various themes including: offshore updates, onshore ongoing surveys and draft law, Lebanon’s gas potential, the value [...]
04 Oct, 2014
The first surveying aircraft started successfully last weekend its flight operations covering from Beirut to the northern Lebanese Onshore. It will be followed in the coming 10 days by another aircraft holding different types of sensors and covering the Transition Zone in addition to the Onshore. Two separate planes will fly over Lebanese territory from 9:30 a.m. until 2:20 p.m. on a daily basis for around 60 days, taking into consideration the weather conditions and all [...]
02 Sep, 2014
Energy Minister Arthur Nazarian issued a decision on August 8, 2014, postponning the deadline to submit bids in Lebanon’s first licensing round from August 14, 2014, to a maximum period of six months from the date of the adoption of the two missing decrees related to block delineation, and the tender protocol and model exploration and production agreement (EPA) by the government. Frequent power vacuums within the executive branch (the country was run by a [...]
26 Aug, 2014
With the continuous delay in the adoption of the two decrees related to block delineation, and the tender protocol and model exploration and production agreement (EPA), many ask their selves what would have happened if the Lebanese government respected the first licensing timetable scheduled on May 2nd 2013. In fact, Lebanese citizens really ignore the effect of the Oil & Gas exploration startup, whether you prefer to see it from an individual or global perspective. What is the real impact of [...]
19 Aug, 2014
Until when will our recent discovered reality remain a dream? Until when will our political instability leave us desperate and thirsty when trying to achieve our dreams?    As previously mentioned, according to many surveys it has been found that Lebanon has significant amount of oil and gas offshore that obviously interested a massive number of international qualified oil and gas companies that sought to potentially operate and develop that recent project, or so called dream. However and unfortunately, as the Lebanese government [...]
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