13 Aug, 2014
Photo: Seismic survey teams are working in Lebanon to map the country's subsurface and identify the presence of oil or gas reserves. [Photo courtesy of the Ministry of Energy and Water] Lebanon’s oil and gas update is no update at all. Lebanon is undergoing the worst security crisis since the start of the civil war three years ago in Syria. On August 2, militants of the self-proclaimed Islamic State attacked Arsal, a town in Northern Lebanon, [...]
12 Aug, 2014
Daily Star - Beirut: The decision to delay the gas-licensing round for another six months has raised concern in international financial circles that Lebanon will most likely miss a golden chance to tap potential gas wealth in the sea in the near future. The London-based Economist Intelligence Unit said that the delays in the issuance of gas licenses reflected the government’s failure to ratify two decrees that would outline the terms of exploration and production [...]
30 July, 2014
The SKeyes Center for Media and Cultural Freedom is organizing a press conference to release its first report on the Lebanese Media Coverage of the Oil and Gas Sector, on Thursday, August 7, 2014 at Al-Bustan Hotel, Beit Mery. The press conference will be followed by a training workshop for journalists and bloggers on the coverage of the oil and gas sector. The Program: 10:00 am – Press conference to release the media monitoring report 11:00 am – Training workshop for journalists 03:00 pm – Training workshop for bloggers This event is organized in [...]
30 July, 2014
US official calls for Lebanon to accelerate oil process US Deputy Assistant Secretary for Energy Diplomacy Amos Hochstein encouraged the Lebanese government to “act quickly to adopt the needed measures for the issue of gas and oil, including passing decrees related to blocks [of the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ)] and permits.” In an interview with As-Safir, he noted, “There is not enough time for the government to move at a slow pace. It has to catch up with neighboring countries.” According [...]
23 July, 2014
Why the campaign of #ProtectOurDream To Starting with “Lebanon can join the club of oil and gas producing countries...” This is neither a joke nor a dream. This is rather a recently discovered reality, approved by seismic 3D surveys off the Lebanese coast which proved the existence of a substantial amount of gas. Furthermore, and according to official reports approved by many experts, there is a high possibility of very promising commercial quantities of gas; quantities that are encouraging enough to probably [...]
23 July, 2014
Local organizations see the need for transparency and good governance While the political class has done nothing to move forward on exploring for potential offshore oil and gas reserves in the past year, Lebanese civil society organizations are taking more of an interest in the emerging sector.   “If you had asked me this question [about civil society interest in oil and gas] nine months ago, I would have told you it’s an emerging interest, it’s still too [...]
21 July, 2014
An air of frustration hung over last month’s oil and gas conference at the École Supérieure des Affaires. “It is clear that there is no plan,” vented an industry leader who wished not to be named, referring to the government’s lack of a publicly articulated roadmap for the sector.   Political hurdles have slowed progress on the development of the sector, despite work by its regulator, the Lebanese Petroleum Administration (LPA), in drafting various recommendations and [...]
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