23 July, 2014
Local organizations see the need for transparency and good governance While the political class has done nothing to move forward on exploring for potential offshore oil and gas reserves in the past year, Lebanese civil society organizations are taking more of an interest in the emerging sector.   “If you had asked me this question [about civil society interest in oil and gas] nine months ago, I would have told you it’s an emerging interest, it’s still too [...]
21 July, 2014
An air of frustration hung over last month’s oil and gas conference at the École Supérieure des Affaires. “It is clear that there is no plan,” vented an industry leader who wished not to be named, referring to the government’s lack of a publicly articulated roadmap for the sector.   Political hurdles have slowed progress on the development of the sector, despite work by its regulator, the Lebanese Petroleum Administration (LPA), in drafting various recommendations and [...]
18 July, 2014
The 1st International Conference & Exhibition for Energy Oil & Gas The LOGIC 2014 Event is to be scheduled to happen in December 2014 in Beirut... The dates and all the info will be announced shortly. Stay tuned with us for all additional information.   [...]
18 July, 2014
The Petroleum Administration has made some changes to the two key decrees awaiting Cabinet approval before the first round of licensing for oil and gas exploration in Lebanon, an insider said Thursday. “Members of the Petroleum Administration have made some of these amendments after receiving input from the Cabinet committee that was established to discuss the two decrees,” the source told The Daily Star. He said the Petroleum Administration would submit the amended decrees [...]
18 July, 2014
Lebanon will once again postpone the gas auction which was scheduled for Aug. 10 as some ministers expressed their dissatisfaction over the state’s share stated in the decrees, insiders said. But the ministerial committee designated to review the decrees has apparently agreed to open all the offshore 10 blocks for auction so the bidding oil companies can select one or two of these blocks. “Some of the ministers in the committee, which was formed to discuss [...]
22 July, 2014
 The first Lebanon International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference will be organized in Beirut on 21-22 October 2014, under the patronage of the Ministry of Energy and Water and the Petroleum Administration. The event, which is organized by Pinnacle Events in collaboration with the Society of Petroleum Engineers and the European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers, received the Lebanon official event label. The event will be an additional test to assess foreign investors’ interest in the [...]
01 June, 2014
Lebanon has high prospects of gas in its offshore Exclusive Economic Zone larger than the amount in Tamar and Leviathan fields off Israel's Mediterranean shores. According to Neil Hodgson, an international expert at Spectrum company, there are high chances of detecting large quantities of gas offshore Lebanon. Hodgson pointed out that “if all goes well, Lebanon will be able to produce gas by 2019 or 2020.” The British Spectrum company had unveiled in 2012 that Lebanon's oil reserves [...]
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