24 July, 2019
Lebanon seeks oil, gas cooperation with countries in region: Lebanese Energy and Water Minister Nada Boustani said Tuesday that Lebanon is negotiating with Cyprus and Egypt on the potential of cooperation in the oil and gas sector, local media reported. "We aim at reaching agreements with countries in the region in a way that will yield benefits for everyone," Boustani was quoted as saying by Elnashra, an online independent newspaper. Boustani said that Lebanon is discussing with Cyprus the potential cooperation by extracting [...]
09 June, 2019
Open Letter to UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres Excellency, I write to request your urgent intervention in defusing a looming crisis directly affecting the vital interests of all coastal States in the Eastern Mediterranean as well as, indirectly, those of dozens of others in Europe, Asia and Africa. Specifically, your assistance is required to help resolve the inter-related maritime boundary disputes among the coastal States of the region in accordance with the principles and processes enshrined in the United Nations Charter and [...]
13 May, 2019
Minister of Energy and Water Nada Boustani will be hosted as a keynote speaker on the first day of the EITI Global Conference. The Lebanese Oil and Gas Initiative commend this step taken by Minister Boustani and stress the importance of Lebanon using this opportunity to show case transparencies win. However, for this win to be authentic, the Minister needs to present to the international community a tangible accomplishment done in support of implementing EITI in Lebanon. This win can [...]
10 May, 2019
Beirut has presented the US with its stance on the maritime border dispute with Israel as differences with Syria on Lebanon’s Exclusive Economic Zone began looming on the horizon. President Michel Aoun on Thursday presented US Ambassador to Lebanon Elizabeth Richard with new proposals on maritime border demarcation in the South. Richard later visited Speaker Nabih Berri who told her Lebanon had a “unified” position on border demarcation. Beirut has been calling for the official demarcation of the southern maritime border between Lebanon [...]
08 May, 2019
Lebanon announced on April five offshore blocks to be included in its coming bidding round for energy exploration and production licenses, including four along disputed maritime borders. Offshore energy development has been a central ambition for successive governments in cash-strapped Lebanon, but political paralysis has caused years of delays. Blocks 8 and 10 both include waters also claimed by Israel, while blocks 1 and 2 include waters claimed by Syria. One of the two blocks for which licenses were awarded last year, [...]
30 Mar, 2019
LTA, LOGI, Kulluna Irada and OPES call on the Lebanese Cabinet, the Ministry of Energy and Water and the Ministry of Finance to implement “Strengthening Transparency in the Oil and Gas Sector” and “Access to Information” Laws. For Immediate Release - Beirut 28/03/2019 The Lebanese Transparency Association – La Fassad, the Lebanese Oil and Gas Initiative - LOGI, Kulluna Irada, and the Organization for Petroleum and Energy Sustainability - OPES salute the efforts of the Minister of Energy and Water HE. Nada [...]
21 Mar, 2019
RE: Your Visit to Lebanon - Energy Diplomacy Dear Mr. secretary: Your visit to Lebanon comes at a moment of both rare opportunity and significant peril for this part of the world. I note this not only as a citizen of Lebanon, but also as a resident of the long-troubled Euro-Mediterranean region, and my purpose is to avert a new round of instability for my country and its neighbors.   Multiple world-class hydrocarbon deposits have now been discovered beneath the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, offering [...]
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