25 Dec, 2017
Once the Exploration and Production Agreement (EPA) is finalized between the government and the consortium for offshore exploration in blocks 4 and 9 of Lebanon's Exclusive Economic Zone, the country can expect to generate returns within three years of joining the hydrocarbon race in the Eastern Med. Last week, Lebanon’s Cabinet approved two bids by a global consortium of energy firms – comprised of France’s Total, Italy’s Eni and Russia’s Novatek – for offshore oil and gas exploration, capping off a [...]
19 Dec, 2017
The end of 2017 has brought significant updates to Lebanon’s Oil and Gas Sector same as it began, with the cabinet awarding Exploration and Production Licenses for two Offshore Blocks (Block 4 in the northern half of Lebanon’s maritime area, and Block 9 to the Southern borders with Israel) to a consortium made up of the French Giant TOTAL, the Italian Giant ENI, and Russia’s Novatek, and successfully fulfilling its roadmap approved in January 2017. A huge Step Indeed, [...]
17 Dec, 2017
BEIRUT (AP) — Lebanon will begin exploratory drilling for offshore oil and gas in 2019, Energy and Water Minister Cesar Abi Khalil said Friday, as the country hopes to find resources to shore up its indebted economy. “This is going to create a new sector in the economy,” said Abi Khalil. “And it is going to secure a local source for energy.” Lebanon’s economy is mired in debt and struggling to grow as the civil war in neighboring Syria stretches [...]
14 Dec, 2017
BEIRUT, Dec 14 (Reuters) - Lebanon's cabinet approved a bid on Thursday for offshore energy exploration by a consortium made up of France's Total, Italy's ENI and Russia's Novatek, in the country's first oil and gas offshore licensing round, a government source told Reuters.   "Congratulations to the Lebanese people on the passing of the oil decree and on Lebanon entering the club of oil countries," Oil Minister Cesar Abi Khalil said on Twitter in response to the decision.   Lebanon sits [...]
08 Aug, 2017
Lebanon is advanced very slowly to exploit its maritime resources compared with other eastern Mediterranean countries; Israel, Cyprus and Turkey are all much more advanced in drilling for oil and gas.   Slowed by a political gridlock and unresolved boundary disputes, Lebanon has stood on the sidelines watching massive natural gas discoveries such as Leviathan, Aphrodite and Karish sprout from deepwater Mediterranean areas in its neighbors’ jurisdictions.   Lebanese officials reported on plans to award four offshore blocks by November 15 in the country’s [...]
07 July, 2017
Energy security is a key concern for the European Union (EU), an energy importer reliant on producing and transit countries for supply. The majority of the EU’s oil and gas imports originate in neighbouring regions. For gas, the EU relies mainly on Russia, which supplies 38 per cent of its imports. Natural gas may have the brightest energy future among the fossil fuels, given its potential to serve as a transition fuel to a sustainable [...]
18 May, 2017
For the 8th year in a row, Lebanon welcomes energypreneurs from all over the world for the 2017 edition of the International Beirut Energy Forum (IBEF). The synergy that the International Beirut Energy Forum has gained throughout the years has made this event a landmark for the sustainable energy sector, a lighthouse for development, dialogue, hope, and progress. The International Beirut Energy Forum 2017 is the place for individuals, engineers, bankers, decision makers, corporations, universities, and even states and governments to [...]
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