09 Jan, 2017
Lebanon's new cabinet passed two decrees on Wednesday 4th of January defining the blocks and specifying conditions for production and exploration tenders and contracts. www.LebanonGasAndOil will cover day by day all the news and topics related to the sector. - Prime Minister Saad Hariri will chair a cabinet meeting on Wednesday 11 of January to continue discussions on the oil and gas excavation file; Note that on Sunday, copies of the cabinet agenda were distributed to the ministers when [...]
05 Jan, 2017
Minister of Energy and Water Resources, Cezar Abi Khalil, told a press conference on Thursday that Lebanon is "serious" about finalizing the first licensing round of oil and gas exploration, adding that this step shall increase investors' interest in the fuel sector. "Blocks will be opened according to the study carried out by the Petroleum Administration Committee, as well as according to the requirements of the Lebanese state," he said, revealing that five blocks will be open to bids. "We will not [...]
05 Jan, 2017
Lebanon step closer to becoming energy producer Six or seven years from now the Lebanese may able to watch from their vantage point giant platforms extracting gas from the bottom of the sea, provided that everything goes according to plan. This sense of optimism was deepened after the Cabinet Wednesday passed the long-awaited decrees defining the blocks and specifying conditions for production and exploration tenders and contracts. Energy economist Roudi Baroudi said the passage of the two decrees was a step in the [...]
04 Jan, 2017
Finally, The Cabinet is set to meet Wednesday 4th of January with two long-delayed decrees on offshore oil and gas exploration topping the agenda, ministerial sources said Tuesday to our platform.   After two and a half years without a president, Lebanon’s Parliament has elected Michel Aoun to the post. Now, Lebanon can turn its attention to oil and gas production, with policymakers’ expectations running high – verging on irrational exuberance – that an energy windfall will jumpstart the country’s economy, which [...]
03 Oct, 2016
Norwegian geoscience firm Spectrum has entered into an agreement with the administrator of the Dolphin estate to acquire the multi client 2D survey in Brazil Santos Campos and the 3D survey in Lebanon.   The company has not disclosed commercial or any other details regarding the acquisition of the data. The Norwegian entities of Dolphin Group together with its subsidiary Dolphin Geophysical filed for bankruptcy in December 2015. The UK entity Dolphin Geophysical was not a part of the bankruptcy estate. [...]
17 Sep, 2016
The International Beirut Energy Forum is organized by MCE GROUP for Congresses and Exhibition (MCE Group) in collaboration with the SHRAE Lebanon Chapter, the Lebanese Solar Energy Society, the Lebanon Green Building Council (LGBC), and the EU-funded project MED-ENEC. The Lebanese Center for Energy Conservation (LCEC) is the strategic partner of the event. Since 2013, Beirut Energy Forum has also become the main event of the Lebanon Committee of the World Energy Council (WEC).   2016 TOPIC Synergy is the creation of a whole [...]
30 Aug, 2016
The International Beirut Energy Forum, organized by the MCE GROUP SARL will take place from 21st September to 23rd September 2016 at the Hotel Le royal in Beirut, Lebanon. This conference will cover area like the biggest forum in Lebanon attracting key energy people from international community, Arab world as well as Lebanese experts. The event is the main yearly platform to discuss all topics related to renewable energy, energy efficiency, and green buildings and many more.   INFO: The International [...]
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