10 Mar, 2016
NICOSIA, Cyprus: Oil and gas figure to unlock historic gains for Cyprus that go far beyond economics and even its own borders, a senior industry veteran told a two-day energy conference in Nicosia as it wrapped up on Tuesday. “Cyprus is the region’s natural energy hub, meaning that every step it takes toward realizing that ambition also improves its neighbors’ chances of building their own oil and gas sectors,” said Roudi Baroudi, CEO of Qatar-based Energy and Environment Holding (EEH), an [...]
27 Jan, 2016
Wissam Zahabi, head of the Lebanese Petroleum Administration, urged the government to issue two decrees necessary to launch exploration in Lebanon’s offshore oil fields.   “We call upon the government to issue the two needed decrees for us to be able to launch a new licensing round for the exploration of oil and gas on Lebanon’s offshore,” he said to Lebanese Daily Star newspaper.   His remarks came during a ceremony held Friday in the occasion of signing a partnership agreement with the Chamber [...]
22 Jan, 2016
As part of this growing interest in the Cypriot island, a huge Business Forum for the East Mediterranean region is around the corner: The “Business Forum Cyprus-Lebanon” which will be held at the St. Raphael Resort in Limassol, Cyprus on Friday February 19th till Sunday February 21st with a wide panel of international key speakers, Lebanese and Cypriots businessmen, energy and economical sector key players and young entrepreneurs of both countries.   The program offers an incredible breadth of content, bringing world-class speakers from [...]
24 Nov, 2015
  U.S Noble Energy seeks the consent from the Cypriot Ministry of Energy to include Britain’s BG Group in consortium holding rights over the Block 12 field in the Eastern Mediterranean. A decision by British Gas to invest in Cyprus’ offshore energy reserves is good news for the Eastern Mediterranean’s entire oil and gas sector, an industry veteran said Monday.   The announcement by the Cypriot government and US-based Noble Energy “only reaffirms the potential enjoyed by several countries in the neighborhood,” said [...]
19 Nov, 2015
The Organization for Petroleum & Energy Sustainability (OPES) - Lebanon in partnership with the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FEB) organized the 1st Oil & Gas conference "Lebanese Oil & Gas Sector: Prospects of the Local Economic Context" on Saturday November 21st, 2015 - Rotana Arjan Hotel, Raouche from 9:00 am till 04:00 pm. The conference will gather targeted audience of policy makers, experts, researchers, academics, public administration officials, Private Sector representatives, civil society; and those involved in the sector from [...]
15 Nov, 2015
The Faculty of Science and the Faculty of business & economics sciences at the Lebanese University are organizing the conference "status of the oil and gas industry in Lebanon: challenges, opportunities and aspirations".   This first conference aims to create an interact platform for stakeholders (academics, researchers, specialists and students) to share, exchange and disseminate the results of their work, experience, research, ideas and perspectives related to all preliminary phases of gas and oil industry.   In particular, attention will be given to the [...]
16 Nov, 2015
Ask an oceanographer about the Eastern Mediterranean Basin, and he might mention a sea-floor dotted with mud volcanoes spewing gas and sometimes oil into the benthic environment.   Ask a geologist, and she may wax lyrical about sediment columns up to 12 km thick, generously capped by “evaporite,” i.e. dirty rock salt.   Both sets of observations have led to speculation that the entire region bounded on three sides by the politically fractious arc of Greece, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Israel and Egypt may be [...]
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