26 Jan, 2017
Lebanon re-launched its first oil and gas licensing round after a three-year delay, the energy minister said on Thursday, kick-starting the development of a hydrocarbon industry stalled by national political paralysis. Lebanon has opened five offshore blocks (1,4,8,9 and 10) for bidding in a first licensing round of offshore oil and gas exploration in Lebanon’s Exclusive Economic Zone, Minister of Energy and Water Cesar Abou Khalil told a news conference and 23 of February will be the date of the bissing. He [...]
18 Jan, 2017
Recent events have drawn attention on Oil and Gas in Lebanon. After two years of silence, the Lebanese government has accelerated the process for offshore exploration and production which implies for Lebanese citizens a necessity to be informed and active on this essential issue regarding the future of the country. Gas and Oil represent a great opportunity to develop the country but those unrenewable sources of energy can as well be a blessing as a curse. From an environmental point [...]
16 Jan, 2017
U.S. Energy Stream will organize the 8th Mediterranean Oil and Gas Forum 2017 on 1 & 2 March, 2017, at the Hilton Cyprus in Nicosia, Cyprus. The recent upstream gas discoveries in Cyprus, Israel, and Egypt and Lebanon reflect the future growth of hydrocarbons in the region. The Forum is a unique opportunity for energy leaders to engage in a productive dialogue with government decision makers and international investors. The 8th Mediterranean Oil & Gas Forum 2017 will bring together government and [...]
12 Jan, 2017
The East Mediterranean’s gas resources can promote cooperation, resolve conflicts and turn the region into an energy hub presenting new prospects for Lebanon and Syria. Lebanon is currently in need to diversify its energy mix away from oil in order to strengthen its security of supply but lags behind neighboring Israel and Cyprus in developing its gas reserves in the East Mediterranean. 3D seismic surveys carried out by the Norwegian Spectrum company have estimated recoverable Lebanese offshore gas reserves [...]
12 Jan, 2017
At their summit meeting in 2013, the Group of Eight (G8) highly industrialized nations—including Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States—committed to three core actions. In addition to boosting trade and improving the efficiency of tax systems, they also agreed to promote transparency, particularly in relation to companies and legal agreements in the oil and gas sector.   The G8’s public backing of improved transparency likely stems from mounting evidence that reveals the vital role transparency [...]
09 Jan, 2017
Lebanon's new cabinet passed two decrees on Wednesday 4th of January defining the blocks and specifying conditions for production and exploration tenders and contracts. www.LebanonGasAndOil will cover day by day all the news and topics related to the sector. - Prime Minister Saad Hariri will chair a cabinet meeting on Wednesday 11 of January to continue discussions on the oil and gas excavation file; Note that on Sunday, copies of the cabinet agenda were distributed to the ministers when [...]
05 Jan, 2017
Minister of Energy and Water Resources, Cezar Abi Khalil, told a press conference on Thursday that Lebanon is "serious" about finalizing the first licensing round of oil and gas exploration, adding that this step shall increase investors' interest in the fuel sector. "Blocks will be opened according to the study carried out by the Petroleum Administration Committee, as well as according to the requirements of the Lebanese state," he said, revealing that five blocks will be open to bids. "We will not [...]
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