07 June, 2016
Potentially extensive petroleum reserves in the Lebanese offshore have many people contemplating how extracting the lucrative resource could benefit the country. But when exploration begins in earnest and as the prospect of extraction remains on the horizon, it must be recognized that the establishment of a petroleum sector would bring with it a range of environmental risks that Lebanon needs to be prepared for.   Due to the remote and harsh environment in which it takes place, offshore petroleum extraction [...]
01 June, 2016
Project Lebanon hosted on his second day a specialized edition of its 5th International Conference for Environmental Technologies, Sustainability, and Clean Energy, EcOrient 2016, dedicated this year to exploring solutions for Lebanon's current waste crisis. Welcoming OMSAR (Office of Minister of State for Administrative Reform) and UNIDO representatives, as well as numerous public and private stakeholders, the conference focused on solid waste management and different types of recycling from e-waste to plastics.   Waste to Energy concept: Waste-to-energy (WtE) or energy-from-waste (EfW) is [...]
18 May, 2016
Please Find Speakers and Program of Oil and Gas Lebanon’s National Wealth Forum 2016 which will be held at ESA campus on Thursday May 26. SPEAKERS Arthur Nazarian: Minister of Energy and Water, Lebanon Mustapha Assad: CEO Front Page Communication Stéphane Attali: Director General of ESA Vladan Dubljevic: Deputy Minister for Mining and Geological Research, Ministry of Economy, Montenegro Jean-Baptiste Dubreuil: Chief Analyst, Oil & Gas Markets, Strategy Division, Engie Patrice Geoffron: Professor of Economics, Université Paris Dauphine, Director Center of Energy Economics (CGEMP) Gissa Guchetl: Executive Director, [...]
17 May, 2016
The main Oil and Gas event for 2016 will be the Lebanon’s National Wealth Forum which will be held at ESA campus on Thursday May 26 with a wide panel of international key speakers, Lebanese politicians, energy and economical sector key players, specialized press and blogs editors, and representatives of the country civil society and students. About Oil & Gas: Oil and Gas in Eastern Mediterranean region recent discoveries have the potential to transform the economy of three neighbouring countries namely Lebanon, [...]
19 Apr, 2016
For the third consecutive year, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants is organizing the “Lebanese Diaspora Energy 2016” (LDE 2016), a unique event aiming to further strengthen the bonds between Lebanese residents and emigrants worldwide, while praising their successes in all fields. Held under the High Patronage of H.E. Minister Gebran Bassil, the event will take place on the 5th, 6th and 7th of May in Beirut - Hilton Habtoor Grand Hotel. Objectives: The [...]
16 Apr, 2016
Perhaps the most proper way to describe the Lebanese situation and to accurately define the stalemate and confusion that have been prevailing for more than three years, is by “the land of lost chances”. In fact, with many political and economic opportunities lost due to the lack of a unified vision and clear economic methodology, there is the oil and gas sector, crippled since 2013.   Between 2008 and 2013, the oil sector has witnessed a quantum leap that paved the way [...]
18 Apr, 2016
Beirut says dispute over natural resources-rich offshore field is holding back its economic development, could lead to war!   During Holland visit, the speaker of Lebanon’s parliament Nabih Berri asked the French President Francois Hollande for help in demarcating the maritime border with Israel, amid warnings a dispute over a resource-rich patch of sea could lead to war.   Berri quoted to Hollande, who was in Lebanon for a two-day visit at the start of four days of meetings in the region: “This dispute [...]
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