23 July, 2015
Greetings followers of NEOS.  There’s a really interesting oil & gas exploration story developing in a new frontier hydrocarbon province – of all places, in Lebanon!  I know, you probably are as skeptical reading this today as I was when our project started about a year ago.  But there is cause for hope in the Levant! Our story will unfold over six chapters in six weeks – think of it as an addition to your summer reading list, with a nice [...]
22 July, 2015
The Eastern Mediterranean region has drawn a great deal of interest in recent years, and not just because of the dynamic geo-political situation in the region. The petroleum industry has been watching the region with a keen eye, as exploration successes in the offshore waters of the EastMed have many intrigued by the potential riches to be unlocked in this newly emerging hydrocarbon province. Noble Energy's 2010 discovery of the Leviathan field and the reported 16 trillion cubic feet (TCF) [...]
09 July, 2015
The discovery of natural gas resources in the East Mediterranean promise important benefits of energy security and economic gains. A 2010 US geological survey showed that the Levantine basin - offshore Israel, Gaza, Lebanon, Syria and Cyprus - could hold as much as 120 trillion cubic feet, thus securing supply of energy not only for the countries of the region but also for Europe. Regional countries are currently at various stages of exploration and development which are however fraught [...]
29 June, 2015
It faces maritime border disputes, regional rivals and is surrounded by a country engulfed in civil war. Yet the main challenge to Lebanon’s potential gas sector is not geopolitics, according to analysts, but a lack of political consensus.   The tiny Mediterranean country could have almost 100tn cubic feet (tcf) of offshore gas reserves, according to some officials. But rather than exploit a potentially transformative opportunity, politicians have engaged in politics as usual — bickering and stalling as neighbouring Syria’s war worsens [...]
23 June, 2015
Maximising upstream prospects in Black Sea and Mediterranean oil and gas projects  The new Global Oil&Gas Black Sea and Mediterranean Oil and Gas Conference programme is now available to view here. The event will take place on 23 - 24 September 2015 in Athens, Greece. Supported by the Greek Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change, 5 Ministries of Energy, 6 national oil and gas companies and 28 speakers from Greece, Turkey, Albania, Cyprus, Georgia, Crimea, Lebanon, Egypt, [...]
17 June, 2015
Fears of corruption will not stop the exploration of potentially vast - and vastly lucrative - offshore resources.   Beirut, Lebanon - A series of oil exploration deals, which may be worth billions of dollars to Lebanon's economy, are being held up amid the country's presidential vacuum and political chaos as crude prices continue to fall.   A total of 46 transnational energy giants - including Total, Shell, Chevron and ExxonMobil - qualified in April 2013 to enter the first round of licensing to [...]
08 June, 2015
The US-based company and leader in Multi-measurement subsurface interpretation, Neos GeoSolutions, will announce on Wednesday June 10th, with the support of its local partner Petroserv, the completion of Lebanon’s geoscience program and the data delivery to the Ministry of Energy and Water. The Ceremony will be held in Beirut at Hilton Metropolitan Palace and will be under the Auspices of H.E Eng. Arthur Nazarian.   The project’s completion comes only 10 months after the start of the Airborne acquisition operations back in [...]
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