09 Apr, 2015
A new NGO was launched this week focused on Lebanon’s oil and gas industry. It is the Lebanese Oil and Gas Initiative, LOGI, which has been long awaited since the end of 2014, and which will be promoting public awareness and sustainable development of Lebanon’s oil and gas sector. The Organization has been co-founded by a small group of young, well-experienced experts in the O&G field in the aim of developing a network of Lebanese experts in the global energy [...]
18 Mar, 2015
The political complexities within Lebanon are the major factors likely to postpone offshore gas production to at least 2025. At the same time, external factors are further worsening the prospects of the Mediterranean country as a gas producer - border disputes with Israel and Syria would slow down even the most resolute and united Lebanese government, Bassam Fattouh, Director of the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, said on Monday.   “It is unlikely that we will start production by early 2020s… I [...]
08 Mar, 2015
This first MedGO (Mediterranean Gas and Oil International Conference) aims to create an interdisciplinary platform for stakeholders (academics, researchers, practitioners, specialists, policy & decision makers and students) to share, exchange and disseminate the results of their work, experience, research, ideas and perspectives pertinent to all aspects of gas and oil industry. In particular, attention will be given to the discovery of Gas and Oil reserves in the Mediterranean Basin and the issues related to turning the potential reserves into viable industries [...]
05 Mar, 2015
Minister of Energy and Water HE Arthur Nazarian and the Lebanese Petroleum Administration (LPA) stated that some Media published earlier on Wednesday inaccurate information concerning "the will of some institutions in Lebanon to deliver the Norwegian Petroleum Administration the data related to the geophysical surveys acquired in the Northern Area and that this issue is considered as part of the Oil National Security." The minister and LPA assured: “The Data has not been handed over to any side”. This data “is [...]
04 Mar, 2015
First, and before getting into details, how beautiful is it to know that some media have nowadays “European Diplomatic sources” that can help to share news on some first pages with the public opinion. Despite that, we, as citizens, would have preferred to know the exact names of these sources, in order to check whether they are truly European, or Lebanese turning into European. Add to that, we would have loved to kindly ask them to share accurate information, and [...]
03 Mar, 2015
Exclusive Pictures from the Ground MT Acquisition that has started last week, and which is the last operational milestone of the CedarsOil Lebanon neoBASIN Project executed by NEOS GeoSolutions, Inc. and Petroserv SAL over the Lebanese Onshore and along the transition Zone. The Ground acquisition, handled by Lampion Oil and Gas Services (LOGS), will be complementary to the airborne operations completed back in December, and consists of acquiring Electric and Magnetic data in 36 different locations onshore Lebanon and will help [...]
02 Mar, 2015
The discovery of Lebanon's oil and gas resources happened over a century ago. However it is only recently that people (including myself) have become more involved and interested in the matter. A few years ago, I began researching and covering oil and gas in Lebanon. However I still want to know more. I am interested, and very curious.   To feed my curiosity I joined the IGTC 2015 (International Gas Technology Conference) held in Dubai on 19 and 20 February 2015, [...]
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