10 Sep, 2015
America’s Most Unlikely Energy Project Is Rising From a Louisiana Bayou A $20 billion project is poised to transform the natural gas market - Matthew Philips – Bloomberg Business From a mile away, at the distant end of a flat, two-lane road, the Sabine Pass Liquefied Natural Gas terminal materializes like an alien city from the haze of the Louisiana bayou. Five white cylinders with domed tops, each 140 feet tall and 225 feet in diameter, rise from the [...]
11 Sep, 2015
For the first time, Athens will be hosting this month the biggest Oil & Gas international exhibition and conference in the Black Sea and Mediterranean region. Executives of NOC’s and senior government officials from 11 countries, 31 eminent international speakers and 25 distinguished exhibitors are participating in the 3rd Global Oil & Gas Black Sea and Mediterranean Exhibition and Conference to be held in Athens, Greece, on 23 – 24 September, 2015. Jointly hosted by ITE Group plc, the London-based [...]
08 Sep, 2015
From 9 to 11 September 2015, international and continental experts from around the globe will gather for the 6th edition of the International Beirut Energy Forum 2015. The International Beirut Energy Forum is the place to share insights, challenges, and solutions to the MENA’s energy sector, with special focus on potential regional projects.   The International Beirut Energy Forum 2015 Beirut Energy Forum is one of the most reputable and professional energy event in the Middle East specifically dedicated to [...]
07 Sep, 2015
The Daily Star – Beirut Oil and gas exploration in Lebanon will not have a negative impact on renewable energy but on the contrary it will contribute to its development, said Pierre Khoury director of the Lebanese Center for Energy Conservation.   “Whether oil and gas in Lebanon is explored today or after 10 years, it will have a positive impact on renewable energy because money generated from the sector would be invested in supporting renewable energy sources,” he told The Daily [...]
27 July, 2015
After the nuclear agreement between Iran and the P5+1 group that was reached on July 14th in Vienna, experts around the globe will carefully be looking on the implementation steps of this deal, which is expected to have direct implications on both the political and economic situations in the Middle East region.   Lebanon could benefit from this situation to free up Iranian investments in Lebanon, particularly in the energy and O&G sector, long limited by sanctions, especially in the downstream operations [...]
21 July, 2015
BEIRUT — Gas exploration in Lebanon has been frozen for more than two years, but it has now returned to the forefront of Beirut's political and media scene. It was not brought to the table by any Lebanese government or official body, but rather by Washington.   On July 2-3, the US Department of State's special envoy and coordinator for international energy affairs, Amos Hochstein, visited the Lebanese capital, where he met with a number of Lebanese officials, including Prime Minister Tammam [...]
23 July, 2015
Greetings followers of NEOS.  There’s a really interesting oil & gas exploration story developing in a new frontier hydrocarbon province – of all places, in Lebanon!  I know, you probably are as skeptical reading this today as I was when our project started about a year ago.  But there is cause for hope in the Levant! Our story will unfold over six chapters in six weeks – think of it as an addition to your summer reading list, with a nice [...]
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