LIOG Press Release #1 - 2019: The Crucial Year for the Oil and Gas Industry in Lebanon
Exclusive Interview about the Gas Maritime Boundaries of the Oil and Gas Sector in Lebanon
LIOG Press Release #3 - ‘Presenting the Platform for Opportunities’
LIOG Press Release #2 - ‘Lebanon – Moving Forward’
Walid Nasr: Lebanon Upbeat on Oil and Gas Exploration Despite Political Deadlock
Interview With Alessandro Bacci About Lebanon's Oil & Gas Future
Lebanon's Bumpy Road Towards Gas Production
Student Energy - Basic & Educational video about Offshore Natural Gas
'Squabbles' Over Lebanon Sea Oil Reserve - BBC Report
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08 Oct, 2019
Lebanon hopes an offshore energy discovery would give a big [...]
31 July, 2019
An American think tank and a Greek university are joining [...]
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